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CANV Moose Rider Custom Patch Order Form

Use the above order form to order your Customized patches.

Rockers to fit around the Oval Moose Rider Patch from Catalog Sales.
Rectangle Name/Position Patches.

The Standard is Black Patch with Orange Piping and White Lettering.

The back patch (2 sizes) and oval patches are purchased directly from Moose International Catalog Sales.

You do not have to have a PayPal account to order directly from Angel Way Leather & Embroidery.  You can pay the PayPal invoice with Credit/Debit Card without a PayPal account.

You can combine orders into one shipment.  It is $5.05 Priority Flat Rate Envelope shipping per shipment, not order.

Any questions you have or if you want to place order through CA/NV Moose Riders, contact Derrick Morris Chairman/President via this website (send message tab in the top menu).


4 thoughts on “Patches

  1. Derrick Morris

    Use the CANV Moose Rider Custom Patch Order Form at the top of the Patches page. Print and then fax to Angel Way or you can scan and email the form. You can also send an email to them with the information from the form. He will send you a paypal invoice (you do not have to have PayPal) you can pay with any Debit/Credit Card. He will then send you your patches/rockers. Any other questions you can email me at and I can help you.

  2. Derrick Morris

    We will be placing another order at the end of July for delivery at the Convention in Reno. I will be sending out an email blast to all CA/NV Moose Riders to get their orders in. There is going to be a $2 increase on the shirts and a $3 increase on the Sweatshirts due to rise in cost of the shirts and sweatshirts.


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