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Lodge Visitation Patch

Lodge Visitation Worksheet – Click this link to open/download EXCEL spreadsheet.  (revised 2/25/16 – Norwalk and Newark Lodges Merged/Closed)

This recognition program is the 2nd Initiative of the CA/NV Moose Riders and is totally funded by our activity group for the benefit of all CA/NV Moose Members (Not just Moose Riders).  ONLY CA/NV Moose Lodges qualify.

This is based on the HONOR SYSTEM and is for all active lodges that are in existence today.  The count of lodges visited is based on when you started your Moose Membership.

The center patch is earned at 25 lodges visited with rockers at 50, 75, 100 and the “ASSOCIATION” rocker when all lodges have been visited.

To receive your award, please send an email to MooseRide4Kids@gmail.com with your name, MID#, mailing address, number of lodges visited or you can attach the Lodge Visitation Worksheet.  We will send you one patch/rocker per level at no cost.  Any additional may be purchased from the CA/NV Moose Riders ($10 center patch, $5 for each rocker).

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  1. Derrick Morris

    The Lodge Visitation Worksheet has been updated now that the Norwalk and Newark Lodges have Merged/Closed – Currently 114 Lodges in the CA/NV Moose Association.


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