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Pictures from President’s
Party North Poker Run January 28, 2017

On the bus - heading out

On the bus - heading out
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Heading out on a 47 Passenger bus for our Poker run at 4 other lodges

Pictures from President’s
Party South Weekend Sep 23-24


Photo from CA/NV Moose Riders Mid-Year Function April 23, 2016 (more to follow?). Group stop at Stockton Moose Lodge on the way to Placerville.

CANV Moose Riders Stockton 20160423

Clearlake Oaks Lodge – Sep 19th – Fire Evacuee Camp from Hwy 53.

These cell phone pictures do not do justice to the awe of the situation. I got chills when rounding the bend coming north on Hwy 53 and seeing this sight. It truly made me PROUD to be a Moose Member.  Please help the fire victims and the Clearlake Moose Lodge through donations of time, labor, items and money to the Moose Lodge – Derrick Morris – CA/NV Moose Riders Founding Chairman/President 2014-2016

Dist 23 Ride @ Escondido Moose Lodge

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Dist 23 Ride to El Centro May 2015

Big Bear MS Walk 2014

2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Derrick Morris

    Check out some cell phone pictures I took of the Clearlake Moose Lodge on our ride on September 19th. I got chills seeing this sight similar to the chills I got when I saw Mooseheart for the first time. What the lodge and community are doing there is amazing and I am PROUD to be a Moose Member.

  2. Derrick Morris

    Photos from the President’s Party North Poker Run have been added in the Photos Section. Enjoy. Based on feedback those that went on the trip had a great time. Those that did not make it, missed out on great camaraderie. Maybe next time.

    We did come up with some ideas for future events; including Sailing on Monterey Bay, House Boats on Lake Shasta, off-season cruise?? Redoing this Poker Run on BIKES!!!!


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