CA/NV_Moose_Rider_Member_Application   – revised 10/16/17 (thank you John Crewdson)

Make Checks Payable to: California Nevada Moose Association, Inc.

Put “CA/NV Moose Riders” in the memo section

Mail to:
CA/NV Moose Riders
c/o Derrick Morris – President
9651 Martin Lane
Prunedale, CA 93907

Annual Membership – Currently Expires 9/30/2016 – $10
Lifetime Membership – does not expire – $150

9 thoughts on “Application

  1. Keith Saltvick

    I am a past Governor of the Stockdale Moose Lodge #2178 and an active Legion past officer. I would like to sponsor Two of my lodge members (in great standing) to this fine organisation. One of these men is now taking leadership in actively starting a group of riders for the Stockdale lodge Moose Riders. His wife is also a rider and is now our new Senior Regent. So, Please help me with any and all info on this organisation as I will be “doing” several more in the near future. I have the two checks (approved by our current board of officers) in hand for these fine members. Many thanx in advance for all your help.
    Keith Saltvick
    661/432-8640 cell….661/834-2866 home

    1. canvmr2014 Post author

      Hi Keith, sorry for the delay in answering. You just need to send the membership forms and a check to the Monterey Moose Lodge c/o Derek and it will be taken care of. We welcome any new members.

    1. Derrick Morris

      If you Join now, your membership will expire on September 30th , 2015. The 150 Founding Members during the formation meeting decided/voted to not pro-rate the activity fee. You will need to renew your membership prior to 9/30/15 to be an active member after September 30th. The CA/NV Moose Rider year is the same as the Association Year as we are an activity group of the Association. We will be renewing memberships at the convention in Reno at the beginning of September. If you join at the Convention your membership will not expire until 9/30/2016.

      I hope this clarifies. If not, shoot me an email using the contact Chairman/President.

      Derrick Morris
      CA/NV Moose Riders Founding Chairman/President 2014-2015

  2. Betti Carsey

    Hi Derrick, I want to start a Moose Riders Activity Group at our Lodge 1409 through WOTM 864 in Pismo Beach, CA. I am Chair of the Activities/Sports Committee for our Chapter, and this Committee is the featured one for special support of Moose Intl charities in July. Is it feasible to officially start a Riders Group in July as part of the Committee’s activities? I just put my application in the mail to be a member of the CA/NV Moose Riders by the way… Look forward to hearing back from you soon I hope, as July is around the corner:) Thanks, Betti Carsey ID#017945583

    1. Derrick Morris

      Just sent you an email with suggestions and steps required. Any other help you need, let me know.

      I am glad to see another lodge level Moose Riders getting started.

      I am leaving for Nashville next week for the International Convention and to represent the CA/NV Moose Riders.

  3. Bill Jackson

    Hi Derek, Bill from Apple Valley 1810. Looking forward to Clambake/Lobsterboil on 23 June. Going to be fun . Have 4 Tickets left. Also, We at Apple Valley would like to form our own group. Please email me steps involved……Bill


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