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You DO NOT have to be a motorcycle rider/passenger or own a motorcycle to be a Moose Rider.

** OVER $66,500 DONATED TO DATE **

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The California/Nevada Moose Riders were founded at the Moose Association Convention on Friday September 6, 2014. We have 150 Founding Members. Within the first couple of hours, our newly formed activity group donated $500 towards LIFE (Laptop Investment For Education), a Moose Riders initiative that provides a new laptop to every graduating senior from Mooseheart High School. We also donated $1,000 towards the California Nevada Moose Association’s Special Project which is $25,000 for the Mooseheart PE Office and Wireless Sound System.

The purpose of this activity group is:
‐ To raise funds for Mooseheart/Moosehaven Endowment Fund
‐ To raise funds for Mooseheart Wish List items
‐ To raise funds for Moosehaven Wish List items
‐ To raise funds for California/Nevada Association Moose Riders Charities

How do we raise funds?  ‐ Unlimited possibilities…
Poker Runs, Weekend Rallies, Blessing of the Bikes, Dinner/Dance.
Whatever us as a group would like to do to promote Fun, Fellowship and the Moose.

You are invited to join the California/Nevada Moose Riders whether or not you belong to a Lodge Moose Rider Activity Group.

****Updated 09/17/20 ****

We now have  313  current paid active members for 2018-2019  including 147  LIFE MEMBERS. To join our activity group, please navigate to the application page, fill out an application, and send application/money to the address listed on the page.  Past members, PLEASE RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP – MANY EXPIRE 9/30/2020.

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  1. Derrick Morris

    I would like to thank you for visiting this site. One of the newest Association Moose Rider Activity Groups. On behalf of the Founding Officers and the 150 Founding Members and 80+ Charter Members, we welcome you to become a member of our Activity Group. There are special events for just CA/NV Moose Riders. Please consider becoming a CA/NV Moose Rider, just $10/year or Lifetime Member for only $150. Application is available on this website.

    Derrick Morris
    California/Nevada Moose Riders Founding Chairman/President 2014-2015
    California/Nevada Moose Riders Founding Life Member

    1. Ron Dawson

      Hi Derek my name is Ron Dawson and I am a moose rider member from El monte California and we are trying to start a moose rider charter at our lodge I went to the board and they have voted on it and approved it now I need to know what paperwork I would need can you help him with this. We have seven riders right now anything you can do for me I’d appreciate it

      1. Derrick Morris

        Ron, I tried to reply to your email that you sent to me with the email address given. It bounced back. I sent to the email I have on record in the CA/NV Moose Riders Directory. If you did not receive a reply from me, please email me direct at and I will forward the answers. Thank You. Derrick Morris, CA/NV Moose Riders Founding Chairman/President 2014-2015.

      2. Bill Martin (VP Coastal dustrict)

        Hello Ron
        If you still need help/assistance setting up you moose riders group…I would also be happy to help you out. I am the VP of South coastal and I believe you lodge falls in my district. You can reach ne by email :
        And I would be happy to help guide you or even be there for you kick off meeting to help explain what mooseriders is all about

        Bill R Martin
        VP southern coastal district


      I do the patches for the Moose Riders in AZ and would love to be your Patch Lady.
      If I can give you a patch quote on any of your patches I would be most happy to do
      that. Just let let me know what I can quote, quantity, size etc. and see if I can give
      you a better price for my high quality patches. Thanks Pam

      1. Derrick Morris

        Thank you for the offer. We use the standard Moose International Back Patch and the Moose International Small Oval Patch. The custom names/positions/rockers are setup and provided by Angel Way. Each member can order on an as-needed basis with no minimums which are $4 for name/position and $8 for set of 4 rockers to go around the 4″ Oval Patch from Moose International.

    3. Glenn Holland


      Glenn Holland at Stockdale Moose Lodge 2178 Bakersfield. Where do we place the order for the back patches and the small front ones, with the Stockdale Mooseriders logo.


      1. Derrick Morris


        All the information for patches is on the PATCHES tab at the top of the webpage.
        The Back Patches and small oval patches are available from Moose International Catalog Sales.
        the 4 rockers that fit around the small patch are available from Angel Way Embroidery, their information is on the PATCHES section as well.

        If you need any additional information or help, email me at

    4. Diana peticolas

      Hello ,please contact me at 530 545 1565 I am Carson city . We have a poker run on August 31st, and I need your number again thank you.

  2. Joop Offereins

    I just wanted to be the first to say what a great job you have done and are doing to make this a great success 🙂

  3. Joan Fedora

    I’m so impressed with how the California riders have come together to form within the Cal/Nev Moose Association. We started back in 2007 here in Florida and I started Pipes newsletter in 2008 for Florida riders and it has grown to include riders from all over the country. Derrick has been a big force in helping California/Nevada Moose Riders to grow and I am proud to have him as a friend and proud to be a member of the Cal/Nev Moose Riders. I look forward to more stories of your successes for Pipes down the road.
    If you plan to come to Florida, let me know. We have riders all over the state who are active and happy to welcome you, especially this former Californian (23 years in San Francisco and Marin Counties).
    Congratulations on all your hard work and your generosity to our LIFE campaign.
    Joan Fedora, Editor – Pipes

  4. Wayne Parker

    Thanks Derrick. Doing a great job on the website. See you in Reno. Keep up the good work. Wayne, Big Bear Moose.

  5. William Stukes

    On behalf of the CA/NV Moose Assn. I would like to thank the CA/NV Moose Riders for all of their generous donations! Our Youth Awareness Winners and our Children at Mooseheart, along with our Seniors at Moosehaven greatly appreciate all you do for our Great Fraternity. It is my hope that the Moose Riders continue to grow and enjoy the fruits of their success! A very special thanks to Derrick and the board of officers for the great leadership they have shown in making the Moose Riders Activity Group one of our shinning stars in the CA/NV Moose Assn. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your group!

    Bill Stukes
    CA/NV Moose Assn. President

  6. Don Campbell

    Sorry, I know I’ve asked before for the address to send the CA/NV Moose Rider Application, but I just can’t seem to find it. Maybe we could add it to the application itself? Thank You Kindly, Don

    1. Derrick Morris

      I will do that on the next version.

      Address is:
      CA/NV Moose Riders
      c/o Monterey Moose Lodge 876
      555 Canyon Del Rey Blvd.
      Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940

  7. Bill R. Martin

    ************** ATTENTION ALL SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MOOSE RIDERS *********************
    I would like to introduce myself as your Vice President of the Southern California Moose Riders for the CA/NV Moose Riders Assoc.

    I need contact info for the presidents/organizers for the Lodge Moose Rider’s, and also members that are part of the CA/NV Moose Riders assoc. I would like to put together a Poker Run to benefit Mooseheart, but I do not have contact info for the individual Moose Rider Lodges.

    Please contact : Bill R. Martin
    (661) 312-7472

    I look forward to hearing from you and getting something together for the Southern California Area

    1. Derrick Morris

      Sorry for the delay in getting this comment posted. Your post will automatically post from now on.

      I am including your comment in my email blast today.

      In the future, shoot me an email and I will get it out in an email blast.

  8. Michael Brodick

    I am a member of the Sunnyvale Lodge #2049.
    I believe you know Giovanna Jackman, she is a major supporter of our
    Non-profit organization…..and a member of the Moose Riders.

    I am hoping you can help promote our Harley Davidson raffle
    for our Disabled Veterans and their Companion Dogs.
    The organizations we raise money for are:
    o Wounded Warrior Project
    o The Independence Fund (track chairs)
    o Paws for Purple Hearts
    o HomeFirst (Veterans Homeless shelter)

    Every year we do a fund raiser for our Disabled Veterans.
    This year it is at the Elks lodge on August 12th.

    To provide additional services and money to our Veterans, this year we are
    Raffling off a 2017 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail.
    You can see the bike at Lane Splitter Harley Davidson on Parkmoor Ave. in San Jose.
    I was hoping you can support this effort and print and distribute fliers for the raffle.
    See attached flier.
    Oh, yeah……maybe you can purchase a raffle ticket too!
    Available now on the website:

    We thank you for anything you can do for our Veterans.

    All the best……

    Mike Brodick
    Simply Good Works, Inc.

  9. Daylene Halterman

    I need to renew my membership but where do I find the application page. Sorry I’m not very computer savvy.


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